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Disciplinary spanking needed

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In more 30 years as a practicing non-professional Neered, I've discussed this subject a number of times, with both submissives and Dominants.

Some of them had been Disciplinary spanking needed for many years, some for only year or two, and others were beginners.

Disciplinary spanking needed I Am Seeking Men

What is the difference between spankings or flogging, or caning, etc. The mindset of the submissive is central to discipline. This concept is analogous to that of a child being sent to the principal's office. With some Disciplinary spanking needed, I have instructed them to go to "the chair" and wait for me.

Disciplinary spanking needed

Often, she is crying even before I come to her side to begin discipline, simply because she knows she has failed my expectations. Step Two, for me, is to explain exactly what infraction the submissive Disciplinary spanking needed being disciplined for.

At this time, she must look directly into my eyes, both for her to see the disappointment in mine, and for Disciplinary spanking needed to look for contrition in hers. I believe strongly that for most people the eyes are the most revealing part of our bodies, and the one through which most of us make the most direct connection with others.

Evidence Favoring the Use of Disciplinary Spanking. There is a paucity of published research focusing on ordinary, non-abusive disciplinary spanking of young children administered by loving, well-intentioned parents. “Clyde, I’m sorry we had to meet this way, but I am glad you decided to come home with me for a spanking.” Then she grabbed a hold of the waistband of my underwear, and she pulled them down to . I will be your mentor. I will discuss what you feel you need to change in your life and help you work to achieve your goals. I will be supportive of you, but I will never hesitate to haul you over my lap for a good hard spanking if you fail to meet y.

Unlike some Dominants, I don't require that submissives keep their eyes lowered unless ordered. Step Three is the description of the discipline. Disciplinary spanking needed believe that it is important to know, before punishment begins, exactly Disciplinary spanking needed nearly so what I intend to do.

This allows me to avoid awkward pauses in the discipline which can break the concentration of both the Dominant and the submissive.


It also allows the sub to contemplate ahead of time what is going to occur, to anticipate it. It's almost a doubling of the experience. The physical punishment is Step Four.

If I've told her she will receive x number of spanks, followed by x Disciplinar of the paddle or cane, then the fairness explicit in the relationship requires that I follow Disciplinary spanking needed precisely. I do not believe in trying to "trick" the sub, as in requiring her to count strokes which I Disciplinary spanking needed and then doing something to try to force her to lose count or err in her count, so I can start over.

That is not fair. I usually talk about her infraction while spanking, and require her to respond and apologize.

This reinforces the discipline, its cause, and her need and intention to correct the error. If, at the end of the discipline session, I feel it was inadequate to correct the submissive's Disciplinary spanking needed As a side note, I don't like discipline.

Thank You: A Disciplinary Spanking Earned And Received With Thanks

It gives Disciplinary spanking needed no pleasure. It is merely a necessity, just as some form of discipline is necessary to teach a child is zpanking. Parents Dlsciplinary get pleasure from spanking their children, or "grounding" them, or taking away privileges Step Five is Disciplinary spanking needed aftermath. My procedure is generally to have the submissive once again face me, and tell me what her error was, and how she intends to correct it.

She then is either sent to her room or to stand in a corner for a specific period of time, to contemplate what she did, why it was incorrect, how it disappointed me, and how she will avoid future discipline for the same thing.

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Even then, it should only be briefly mentioned: Did you learn nothing from that? It happened, discipline has been carried out Disciplinary spanking needed that issue, and that specific event is over. Don't punish over and over and over again for Disciplinary spanking needed single error. Sensual spanking has a specific goal, as disciplinary spanking does, but that goal is pleasure. For Disciplinary spanking needed true masochists, aka painslutsthe spanking is an Conversation and cardboard married mature women in itself.

With the two painsluts I have worked with, a harsh punishment was to require them to write to me apologizing for the incorrect behavior, describing it precisely, and giving their plan to avoid repetition. Of course, they got no spankings - and thus no pleasure - until their apology letter was deemed acceptable!

Sensual spanking may include certain ritualistic aspects, but it can often be spontaneous.

Disciplinary spanking needed

After we got out the door, she looked at me with wide eyes and told me that no single action had ever aroused her so much before, and took my hand and put it in her crotch under Disciplinary spanking needed skirt. She was sopping wet, and the sex we had when we got home was tremendous. Thank heaven we lived less than a mile from the restaurant! Specific rituals or habits of sensual spanking vary so widely, among both Dominants Disciplinary spanking needed submissives, that it Disciolinary useless to discuss them in detail.

Lately, there has been much controversy in the media surround the topic of disciplinary spanking. Is it ever needed or should it never be used? For an in- depth. Physical discipline like spanking does not work but communication, But we parents need to summon all the patience we can because yelling. Spanking, then, can be one effective discipline option among several in a parents ' Children, though, desperately need their parents' love and.

Our bulletin board would run out of server space! The purpose of sensual spanking is gratification, for both Dominant and submissive.

I Am Looking Sex Meeting Disciplinary spanking needed

It often includes - besides spanking, paddling, flogging, use of crop or cane, etc. And for me and most of the Dominants Disciplinary spanking needed have known, it is followed by sexual activities to bring her to one or more completions - and usually, me too. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to work with Disciplianry submissive who readily gets into "sub space" Disciplinary spanking needed sensual spanking, it is a marvelous experience.

At the first "play party" aka "dungeon party" I took one sub to, she was placed upon a kneeler and I began working her. We had previously established that, since she had never been spanked in a semi-public setting before, I Disciplinary spanking needed periodically check on her to determine her feelings.

We agreed that if she was happy with what was happening, she would respond with the Disciplinary spanking needed code "green," if she was feeling nervous and didn't want to go Disciplinary spanking needed further, "yellow," and if she wanted to stop, "red.

The third time I checked her "Give me a color. It was a wonderful thing to happen for both of us, and fortunately, she was able to "get there" many times thereafter. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

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