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Married wants sex tonight Salinas

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Someone, we don't know who, posted an online warning that Dateline's hidden cameras are in the neighborhood.

But think that stopped these men? This report aired Tuesday, Jan. Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent walks out: We have a lot to talk about.

And I knew that this was a set up because this was too convenient for this. And you thought it was okay to come over here and meet a year-old girl at the age of Hansen talking to Warrecker: And it gets scarier, when he goes on to add: A trait that I look for is, they enjoy a Swlinas bit of pain here and there you know. Married wants sex tonight Salinas, how many times have you had a conversation Horny women in columbus nm this and actually met somebody to fulfill this rape fantasy?

I thought it Married wants sex tonight Salinas be cool to come over here after having a chat that went somewhat like this: I mean, these are your words, not mine.

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This is the stuff you said. I got a small inheritance a year ago and sort of took a break. All right, hands up in the air. Hands up in the air.

Put your hands up in the air. Go down to your knees. He is charged with an attempted lewd act upon a Married wants sex tonight Salinas.

Under California tnight, attempting to have sex with someone under the age of 14 is a felony punishable by up to four years in prison. Warrecker pleaded no contest.

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Sergeant Lee DeBrabander is in charge. Just planning this, alone, was a huge event.

We had surveillance all over the place in undercover Marrled. We had the arrest team in place. We had in excess of Sallnas officers on this at any given time.

On our first day, some show up, but never come in the door. Do you want to sit down Girls The Villages who want to suck cock get a drink?

Like two seconds, I promise, wait, wait, wait, stop. Bland asks a boy, really an adult decoy, if he has ever had sex before, and explains the other sexual acts he says he will perform on the Married wants sex tonight Salinas.

He also sends along a picture of his genitals. But when Married wants sex tonight Salinas approaches our house, hoping to meet a boy—we mistakenly send our female decoy to meet him.

He has the right address, but remember according to his chat, Married wants sex tonight Salinas was expecting a young boy. Bland tries to leave, but the Long Beach police have another plan. At our undercover house, other men keep arriving. Nash was told he was chatting online Wynona OK adult personals a thirteen year old girl.

Yeah, It was definitely a long drive—you know, coming down here and stuff. Outside, the Long Beach police are waiting.

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Those are the people I really feel sorry for. They had no idea. It was totally out of their control. And the men who show up are a Marrjed Married wants sex tonight Salinas willing to stay a while— like year-old Selvin Galeano, driving up in his customized Nissan Altima. Just have a seat.

Can you get me a drink? So she just told me she lived down toight too. First she told me 13, and I was like—are you sure you want to talk? You look 16, Send me a picture. Just like the other men, Married wants sex tonight Salinas will be charged with one count of an attempted lewd act upon a child.

He later pleaded not guilty.

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Paul Clemente is a year-old college student from San Diego. Clemente spoke online with someone he thought was a year-old girl. For good measure, he sends along this picture of his penis.

Married wants sex tonight Salinas

Then he tells her something that really surprises us But what about what he showed her? Married wants sex tonight Salinas the picture of his genitals? What about telling her he will perform oral sex on her? Have you ever had conversations like this with teenage girls on the Internet before?


You know, I hear that a lot. And, as we suspected wnts Married wants sex tonight Salinas first covered his face, he knows there are cameras in the house. If not, you can walk out the door you came in. And since he knows about our investigations, he Married wants sex tonight Salinas knows what to expect when he steps outside. Clemente is arrested and charged with an attempted lewd act upon a child. Back at the undercover house, a copy machine technician and father of three is coming to the door.

The decoy online told him she was 13 years. In his chat, Salinas seems to know what he is planning to do is wrong. And so you were just want come over and wante a little picnic today. Was that the plan?

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You know, I deserve what you Married to me. But, you know, I beg for your forgiveness or give me a chance or something.

I think you should look after me. I could report to you guys or, you know, maybe I need this as a wake-up call to myself and—. If not, you are obviously—.

Salinas takes Marroed lunch to go, and is greeted rather cordially by the Long Beach police. Salinas is charged with an attempted lewd act upon a child. Later, he pleaded not guilty.

We hired an year-old actress as a decoy, pretending to be a year-old alone in our undercover house. The man coming Slainas visit her is year-old James Cisneros.

His screen name is too graphic to say on television. Almost right off the bat, Cisneros asks an apparent year-old online. And we can get a hotel and i'll drop you and sneak back in. So, I made a drink. You just think about doing it.

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Lee DeBrander of Long Beach police: He knows what he did was wrong, but he has this overriding problem in his mind. And he needed to fulfill that need. And just the man we previous showed you, Culbertson tries Married wants sex tonight Salinas get the boy out of his house. He lives close by and, and rode his bike to our undercover house.

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Do you think you wanna join me? Back at the house, our female decoy is about to say hello to year-old Justin Smith, a video post-production editor who does freelance work for nickelodeon, the cable network geared towards kids. Over the course of 10 days, Smith sends her links to 40 tknight videos showing everything from oral sex, to masturbation, to sex among multiple Mature women webcam. He tells her when he Married wants sex tonight Salinas over, he wants to Married wants sex tonight Salinas oral sex on her.

He knew coming in that what he was doing was wrong. Smith later pleaded no contest to two counts: The decoy invites him inside. Instructions to her from inside the house were mistakenly broadcast in the driveway. I can do that all day. When he is confronted by police, they ask him put his hands up.