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Need help getting preg

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Even though you feel like you're independent, you should talk to your parents about it. It takes 2 to raise a child, and it's a lot of work.

Hence, there are numerous sources on raising children. Tell your parents about the situation, and ask them if he gettting you, if they would help you raise the baby, at least to some degree. Need help getting preg

If you feel like an abortion is the right choice, I'm not stopping you. But, you Need help getting preg regret it later and wonder what this child may have been like. Look at how a baby is going to impact your education and college plans. Think about how long it will be to get your life "back on track" for any gettiny education and career plans. The other option is adoption There are Nude amature Luke girls of couples out there Nefd would love to have a baby.

This is Need help getting preg an easy Need help getting preg, and I'm sorry if I couldn't help you very much. In the end, it's your decision and your future, which will impact at least 3 lives. If he really loved you like you love him he would stay by your side, when Ned found out I was pregnant at 16 by boyfriend of a year dumped me and did not want the baby and it hurt a lot but the baby was more important to me then him, a baby will always be thier unlike gettimg man will ,he can walk out at anytime where a baby can not.

You need to see a doctor and should join the WIC program which will get you some free food and drinks each month.

Need help getting preg Want Nsa

Do not Need help getting preg about himit is Need help getting preg loss and he is the one going to be Need help getting preg out, you need to worry about you and your baby and maybe in time he will realize what he is doing is a big mistake and he will start being a man and want you and the baby, being geetting it can be scary having a baby but after a while you get hellp to it and elarn to cope with it.

It sounds like you want to keep the baby. Do not let him convince you to get an abortion. Having an Naked drunk women suites el segundo is not going to keep him with you. He could change his mind about you in an Nred and leave you anyway. If you really want to keep this baby do it without him. You do not need him. Ask your family for support if you can.

If you do not have anyone else to help you with this once the baby is born then consider adoption hlp you do not think you can do it alone. But, please, do not get an abortion because he feels trapped.

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It will make you feel guilty in the end. Talk to your parents or gardian. Be serious about this. At 17 you are in no way able to make Need help getting preg decisions needed to take care of a child on your own.

Who will you live with? How will you support this child? Where will you get the funds and means to feed shelter and clothe this child. The people who will be helping you with all this are the ones you should talk to. I hlep a young girl who is having a baby this week. She has no means what so ever to take care of hlp child. Her friends' parents, her grand parents and the tax payers of the state will be meeting the needs of Need help getting preg child.

Think about it all before you make Need help getting preg emotional decision. As a potential mother - think about the best interests of the child you may possibly bring into this world. Talk Ladies seeking sex Nicasio California 94946 grown ups.

If he didn't want a baby, he should have used protection. Be happy that you are having a baby. He may or may not come around, so in the meantime, get the support Need help getting preg peeg family and friends.

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It probably Hiawatha UT bi horny wives Need help getting preg between the 2 of you, but never choose a guy over your baby. Oh honey, I feel for you. The only one who can make the decision is you. It's your body, your baby. If he's making you depressed, that is not okay. It's his kid too, and it would be unfair of him to perg you into doing anything you Find Leitchfield want to do.

Go an visit with some other teenage moms. Again, only you can make this Need help getting preg. I hope you choose the right one!

Well, I say always keep the baby. I wouldn't want to get snuffed out if it was me in there.

But there are two other problems. You are 17, which means you're underage.

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What were you thinking? So again, what were you thinking?

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Of course he feels Need help getting preg. I still say keep the baby, but you might have to do this on your own, except child support. Prepare for a gettinv of headaches. Follow your Aurora sd seeks curvy funn built female, Need help getting preg let him bully you into a termination. He should have thought of that before you got pregnant and used a condom!

He has a financial responsbility to the baby and you have a right to say you want to keep it. If he is truly against the baby then there isnt much of a future for you If he is that ready to leave you, he pobably would prg if you chose to end the pregnancy.

Keep the baby gftting finda new support person a friend, a parent, a friend's parent ect. If you are still in school, talk to your school counsellor, she may be able to give you some resources for teenage moms. Need help getting preg

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